Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing

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A prospective student can take single course, a certificate course, or a full degree program in Wireless Telecommunications and Mobile Computing. This program prepares graduates from electronics, computer engineering, physics, and telecommunications for work in cutting edge of wireless telecommunications. The goal of the program is to produce graduates that are able to get employment in jobs which involve wireless systems and mobile computing. Graduates will be well versed in Wireless Internet and Multimedia, Mobile Operating Systems & architectures, Spread-spectrum/CDMA/OFDM Technologies.

Educational Objectives

This program prepares students to master:

  • Wireless Telecommunications and Mobile Computing architecture and design.
  • New paradigm of wireless and mobile architecture and platform for new product development.
  • Skills and tools for Wireless Telecommunications and Mobile Computing.
  • New Wireless Telecommunications and Mobile Computing Technologies.


The curriculum is designed by SJSU faculty and local industry subject matter experts with expertise in the design, development, integration and deployment. The curriculum is designed to respond to current and future needs in green jobs. The following is a partial listing of curriculum topics:

Topics and Courses

  • Wireless Internet and Multimedia
  • 802.11, Bluetooth, and RFID
  • 3G/4G Wireless Networks & Systems
  • Mobile Operating Systems and Architectures
  • Integrated Wireless Systems
  • Mobile and Wireless Network Security
  • Signal Processing in Wireless Systems
  • Wireless Modeling, Algorithms & Simulation
  • QoS and Wireless network Reliability
  • Ultra Wide-Band(UWB)Technology
  • Broadband Wireless Access
  • Mobile and WLAN Interoperability
  • Spread-spectrum/CDMA/OFDM Technologies
  • Mobile Cellular TV
  • Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Program Structure

The program is designed to give maximum flexibility to any who may be interested. The options range from taking individual courses or an MS degree:

  • Individual Courses – take only the individual courses that interest you
  • MS Electrical Engineering, emphasis in Wireless Telecommunications and Mobile Computing

Open-Site Program Benefits

  • Executive style cohort learning
  • Classes held once a week at night and on weekends to accommodate working professionals
  • Flexibility: Students can enroll for just one class as a stand-alone student or enroll for the whole MS EE degree program.
  • Accelerated Program – the MS degree can be finished in just two years


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